Tod Zhang

Market Director - DFW Airport

Tod joined Mercer Company in 2021 as Market Director representing tenants in the East & West DFW Airport markets. With extensive experience in sales, customer service, and data analytics, Tod combines the art and science needed to meet the demands of DFW Airport’s fast-paced, ever-evolving climate and helps his clients make the most data-informed decisions possible in their industrial real estate transactions.

The foundation of Tod’s business principles rests upon an unyielding commitment to place the long-term benefits of his clients’ businesses above all else. 

This approach allows his clients to become active participants in evaluating their businesses’ present cash flow and projected future growth, both of which are equally paramount in the site selection, acquisition, and disposition of any industrial assets. 

It is with this level of bipartisan, outcome-focused solution mapping that Tod and his clients have consistently been able to maximize the return on investment of any real estate decisions.

Tod is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and enjoys free diving, scuba diving, and skiing outside of his career.


Baylor University, B.B.A Sports Strategy & Sales (S3) and Finance

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